Monday, May 12, 2014


I received several comments last week about how many aren't in a good place mentally right now due to various reasons. I was really moved that you would share that with me yet felt powerless to do anything.

When I feel stressed, the number one thing I do is target the source of my stress. What is it that's truly bothering me? I find that if I don't find out the source, the negative energy seeps into other aspects of my life. I turn someone unrecognizable snapping at everyone who unknowingly stepped on a land mine.

I make time for me. I set aside time where I can dive into something I love to do. This weekend happened to be leisure reading. I picked up a lot of books for my brother at the local library and one of the books, I wanted to vet before giving it to him to read. He's 13 but I still think there is some things that are inappropriate for him at his age.

Side note: He has a classmate who is watching Game of Thrones and Hannibal. Those are two shows that he hasn't expressed interest in watching nor would I let him. I am watching Hannibal with Jason at the moment though. We're about two episodes behind but we like to watch a few on the weekends on demand. Do you control what your children watch? I know my mom didn't.

How do you control your stress levels?

For me, exercise really helps boost my energy and rein in my emotions. On that note, I plan on getting a few runs this week before we head off to Philadelphia to spend time with Jason's family as, see friends and attend a wedding.

On Saturday, we went to Univeral Studios Orlando for the weekend. We had the Disney World annual pass for a few years but never had the desire to do the same with Universal Studios. The two are just not on the same level as each other. I had visited Universal twice already - once before Harry Potter world and the other after. Since then, I told my brother we'd go when the HP expansion was done (it should be done this summer). Why did we go early this weekend you ask?

My brother's field trip with his school is supposed to be at the parks this year. He really wanted to go with his friends. The group day pass was about 40% of the Florida annual pass so Jason thought we might as well bite the bullet and all get the annual pass.

It's just in time too because this summer the Harry Potter expansion (Diagon Alley) should be completed.

The nice thing about the annual pass (besides not having to pay for parking) is that it gives us something to do on the weekends where we can get a lot of walking done.

We walked at least 5-6 hours straight on Saturday which was my activity for the day. That and staying alive in humid Florida weather.

All aboard the Hogwarts express!

Entering Honeydukes for some sugary treats!

Owl post

It was a fun day not because I particularly enjoyed the park itself but I enjoyed seeing my brother having fun. I have to admit I don't have the stomach for roller coasters anymore. I get slightly nauseous and it only gets worse if I'm hungry (much like when I'm car sick).

I swear there are more stores selling stuff than actual rides at the parks. The wait times on the rides weren't bad though. We only waited 20 minutes in line for the main Harry Potter ride. Waiting in line was enjoyable because we got to go through the school and see all the rooms. 

Overall, it was productive weekend. 

On Sunday, Jason was trying on his suits and realized that his pants are ridiculous large on him. He's lost a good 2-3 inches in the waist area and the pant legs are really baggy. We'll have to take them to the tailor to take it in. That being said, we're heading to the mall today for him to pick up a few new things since he wants to look dapper at the wedding we're attending.

I like the fact that my significant other cares about how he looks and likes being put together. 

Since it was Mother's Day, we also called both our mothers to wish them a happy one. My dad took my mom out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant. I think my parents' relationship have grown a lot in the last decade or so which is nice to see. I swear when the nest became empty, I was worried about how my parents would coexist. 

How was everyone else's weekend?

Before I sign off, be sure to check out the Youtube channel my sister and I started! We post videos every Monday and Thursdays. We'll be shooting together when we can but I'll mainly be in charge of Mondays. My sister is in charge of Thursdays. This is my video of the day where I showcase awkward childhood photos of my past. I would love it if you guys took the time to check it out!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I can't wait to see the new stuff next time we got to Universal!

  2. I've been trying to find new ways to cope with stress myself here recently. Exercise and eating better definitely helps and I've started utilizing essential oils. I honestly think it's helped tremendously!

  3. I have always loved Universal Studios, but the last time we were there (California) I felt that it wasn't on par with its old self. Now that I've read your post, it sounds like things have become more exciting and fun. Can't wait to go again.

  4. That looks like a fun park! We are Disney fans and keep saying we need to try something different.

    I have a lot of stress going on right now and I use exercise to help control it. Sometimes being creative helps, too. Or I eat... ooops


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