Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vanity's not going to go away

I'm happy to report that my silence in blogiverse doesn't mean I fell off the healthy bandwagon.

I have to be honest that every time I go on my runs, the first thing I think about is I should write about x, y and z, then I get home and other things take over. By the time I get around to blogging, it seems that the window of opportunity has passed.

I have a few mini trips coming up this: one trip to my old college stomping grounds and another trip to Philadelphia to attend a wedding. My sorority is having its 20 year anniversary (since it was founded on campus) so it's a huge reunion of sorts. Jason and brother are going with me but they won't be attending any of the events. I known and dated Jason throughout most of college. He is Greek also and was dragged to enough sisterhood events, fundraisers, community service events. After graduation, I've given him a pass to most of these events since it's mostly just girls catching up and gossiping. Jason is excited to go back too since both of us haven't been back since 2010.

My brother hasn't been back since he was 6-7 years old so he doesn't really remember the school. It'll be fun to show him around since sisterhood events won't take over the entire weekend. He remembers odd things like there was construction outside my apartment and the gates across the street from Allen Street Grill.

I also have a wedding-related mission that weekend. I want to take casual engagement photos throughout canvas with the fiance. I have a list of spots that I need to get through. We'll see how it goes and if I love the way they turn out.

Planning outfits for next weekend for central PA has been on my mind. It snowed yesterday in NYC and PA. What? The weather report says it's going to be perfect when we are there but then again, I'm always skeptical.

We all headed to the Orlando outlets last weekend to give our closets a spring update. Jason ended up getting more things than I did. I was actually disappointed in the lack of things I was interested in buying. I did love all the pieces that I bought.

Things have really changed in the last 3-4 years. Before, I loved shopping but I never tried things on because I was embarrassed to go into the fitting rooms. I would end up buying a lot of clothes that didn't fit me or didn't fit me right. I couldn't wear 70% of my closet. I ended up giving a lot of clothes away as well as seeing if my sister wanted them.

I used to buy clothes for my sister a lot because it was so easy to buy clothes for her size. It made me feel good seeing my sister wear the clothes that I only dreamed of fitting into.

Now, it's nice that I don't need to live vicariously through other people. I can try on those trends on myself.

What have I found out?

Sizes are not universal throughout store so don't be so hung up on the number. What's important is how the clothing fits on your body. A size 4 dress was loose on me yet I'm a standard 6 in most stores. I normally
grab the 6 and go from there: up or down depending on how I want it to fit. My shirt size is S but sometimes, I like it in M.

I was in one particular store looking at one rack when I overheard the worker ask loudly the woman next to me "What size are you?"

I might be a little sensitive, but I think a lot of women hate being asked that.

The woman gave a wordy response that was something like, "It depends on the store. Sometimes I'm an S."

I can tell you that she wasn't an S.

Vanity sizing is a real thing. I thought I was a size 10 for years until I realized at this store, a size 10 was closer to a 12-14. When I tried on a REAL standard 10, I was shocked to find out it didn't fit.

This is a chart from 2011 from the New York Times but I think it's relevant to bring up.
The article was Am I a Size 4? 8? 10?

Click on image for larger image

In this chart, it shows the measurements of what different brands equate to a size 8.

I remember going to one store where they said I could fit into a size 2 jean there. I looked at them skeptically because I know my hips are not size 2. I like that I have some curves.

I do have to admit that I loved it when I saw myself shrinking and my dress size go down.

What are your experiences with shopping and vanity sizing? 

I promise to be better at blogging. Consistency is key in all things!

So excited for my upcoming trips!

Hope you are all doing well.


  1. I often find myself thinking about blog posts too while I am running! But then, same thing when I get home, life takes over. Have fun on your upcoming trips! Hope your share the engagement photos :)

  2. Vanity sizing makes me nuts. It was really noticable to me because as an adult I've weighed consistently within10-15 pounds of my high school weight, (I'm in my late 30s now). I was a solid size 8 in high school in the mid-90s. Now I have clothes in my closet anywhere from a size 2 through 10, and they all fit! It's crazy. I love showing my husband a skirt with a wider waist band, and another with a smaller, and asking him which is the smaller size. When a "size 2" is an inch wider than a size 6 the fashion industry has a real problem! Ann Taylor, Old Navy, and Gap are the worst offenders in my experience, since they are rarely consistent even within their own brand. I have heard that the bridal industry has really resisted vanity sizing, which is why I had to buy a size 12/14 in 2011. ;)

  3. I hate shopping (and I hate spending money other than to travel), so I have lots of old clothes. I also tend to be a creature of habit, so I've shopped at some of the same stores for probably 22 years now. I don't think I have anything 22 years old in my closet, but there are huge differences between something a couple years old and 10 years old, even in the same brand. I usually wear S t-shirts but our neighbor gave us legit vintage t-shirts and the L I have is exactly the same as today's small.

  4. Vanity sizing is real... And real annoying! I don't mind being a bigger size. I just hate not knowing an average size! My goal is to be an 'average' 8. But with the way clothing is done these days, I'm realizing that trying to get to that may end up being more difficult than I thought. So, it's why I'm going to start focusing on body fat percentage. And it's why overall health has been more of a focus. A size is just a size. I almost wish all brands would go to the European method and use inches and make it true inches. So if you had a 29inch waist, you'd buy 29inch jeans. It would be nice if they would measure 29.5 to 30 for fit/underwear/shirts. But would be made to fit those with that size waist! That would help A LOT! No worries on the not blogging much -- sometimes it's just how it is. I think we all do it!

  5. It's craziness! I doubt clothing companies would go for a universal standard, they make more money with vanity sizing :)
    I bought a pair of jeans size 16p wore them for about three months and accidently ripped the knee. When I went back to the store, tried on the same pair of jeans and the 16p was too big. I hadn't lost any inches from my waist or hips. The 14p fit.
    As much as I hate trying on clothes in the fitting room, it has to be done, every time.

    Have a blast in Philly!


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