Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Working out more consistently the last week+ has really created benefits in other areas of my life. I know this so I'm happy that I picked it up again. I willed myself to get my butt moving because I knew it would pay off.

I'm sleeping better.
I have more energy in the morning.
My skin looks better.
I feel more productive.
Body feels more like mine.
Feel less stressed.

I managed a 4.8 mile run yesterday morning. Last week I managed a little under 18 miles ran in total along with other workouts. I want to run every day this week until I head off to PA with the boys.

Last weekend was Easter! Saturday, we spent it with friends for a day of adult Easter games. I didn't drink (as usual) but that's never stopped me from having fun. They had a "beer hunt" where cans of beers were painted different colors for different points hidden in the garden. Teams of two had to run around collecting the beers and drinking it before moving on to the next can. Jason and I were a team and we placed last! I had fun because we had to hold hands through it all.

The second game was a relay race around the house in teams of 4. We had to wear an over-sized Easter dress, carry a basket and run around the house. Afterwards, pass the dress to your teammate to repeat until everyone has done it. I think we placed second? I swear we would have won if the person infront of me didn't hand me the dress in a balled mess.

There's an art to taking off dresses. I think I've had plenty of practice over the years of avoiding make-up stains on clothing and minimizing wrinkles. 

It's probably my OCD mother's training. She HATES it when she's doing laundry and our clothes are balled up. 

On Sunday, we went to Church in the morning with Jason's relatives. Afterwards, we had lunch at their house.

I baked miniature cinnamon rolls before Church to bring to their house. I made the dough the night before so it was ready for me in the morning. I chose not to ice the buns since they were sweet enough for me.

This is the recipe I followed.

My sister sent me the sweetest compliment yesterday about my skin. Now that I'm nearing 30, I'm even more vigilant but I'm glad I started in middle school. 

My brother is a tad lazy but I put the products on his bathroom counter. At his age, it's all about cleansing, moisturizing and sunscreen. I figure it's never too early to adopt good habits. He'll thank me later.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I can't believe April is almost over.


  1. I have been so busy that I haven't had time to eat and work out like I was. I know that sounds like the worst excuse, ever. But this week I am working 1130-8 for a co-worker, and prepped meals the rest of this week already, and just felt peace in the kitchen. It's so silly, but I can tell things are finally calming and I need my routine back! And can we discuss how fun adult Easter games sound? With our without drinks, it sounds like a great time!

  2. Its always nice to get back to workout routines..I feel so much happier when I workout..your Easter party sounds like so much fun..we had a quiet time at home with good food and a few friends...next time games :)


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