Thursday, March 6, 2014

Adjusting, tweaking and musing about the photoshop diet

I'm finally back to pre-Thanksgiving weight after weighing in this week. Last week's loss was around 3 lbs which is fantastic. This was due mainly to portion control and not due to exercise.

I did exercise a bit last week and stayed active but nowhere where I am usually.

I went for a nice run yesterday and managed 4.8 miles followed with 100 squats. It was a fantastic run...once I managed to will myself to get out the door. Seriously, the hard part is getting started. Once I'm there, I commit.

One of the ways I've been controlling my portion sizes is eating out of smaller plates and bowls. I choose to eat out of a bowl or a salad plate therefore I eat less.

Another thing I've been good about the last few weeks is not eating after dinner. Our dinner is fairly early between 5:30 and 6:30 so I cut myself off afterwards. One way to do that has been to brush my teeth and floss immediately after. The mint in my mouth is a great deterrent from eating anything else (ever eat an orange after brushing your teeth?....blech)

What are some ways you have successfully controlled your portions?

This whole year so far I feel like I've been playing catch-up and trying to stay afloat. Then again with wedding planning, I think it's normal to always feel behind on something.

I know many brides-to-be put themselves on an extreme diet before the wedding. I'm being vigilant on my plan but not going to do anything drastic like starve myself. I do plan on going balls-to-the-walls (excuse my expression) the two months leading to the wedding but it'll probably be something like increased strength training, consistent running, controlled carbs, limited sweets and more beauty sleep.

I had the funniest conversation with my sister the other day post-Oscar viewing.

Me: "Why does X-celebrity always look so pissed in photos?"
My sister: "She's hungry."

The plan is to go easy in the holiday season by not making a huge Thanksgiving spread (I know....what?!) and not allowing Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas to snowball into a giant food-fest where I pay for it in January playing catch-up the months prior to the wedding.

I haven't gained a massive amount of holiday weight in the last few years (within 5-8 lbs) but it takes a long time to shed those pounds too if I'm not careful.

Did you put yourself on a wedding diet? What was it?

On that note, remember that post a few weeks ago where I posted one of our formal shots taken 3 winters ago?

 I posted the un-photoshopped version and many of you commented that you don't see where they needed to photoshop (which was super sweet) but I'll show you what I meant by them over-photoshopping something.

I assure you, I made sure the final edit was NOT like that at all.

I saw the photos and said immediately, "This is abnormal. I don't like this at all."

Left (unedited at all, all lighting, make-up, poses)
Right (photoshopped)

Left (unedited at all, all lighting, make-up, poses)
Right (photoshopped)

Notice how they seem to try to edit my arms? As if I didn't already feel self-conscious about them!

I'm at a lower weight than I was when I took these photos and I think I've toned up in other areas but one of my problem areas has always been my arms. Throughout my life, I've had a hard time wearing clothes that revealed my arms. I had a huge collection of cardigans, light jackets, wraps, shawls...anything to cover up the arms that I hated.

Nowadays while it's still a work in progress, I am more confident about them. I'm grateful that for the most part, my body has bounced back from the damage I did to it in the past.

Here's a Youtube video where someone created a tutorial how-to use photoshop to "lose-weight fast"!

It has 8.85 million views so far since it was posted in 2008.

My sister also has told me about someone in the field who would photoshop every single photo she's in before posting it on social media. I'll leave it at that. 

The need for "perfection" is going to drive us crazy all if we let it! 

I think there needs to be a serious reality check that everyone has to go through on this journey. I've had to differentiate between attainable goals and crazy expectations. 

There is no one size fits all; even the clothes that say they are, fit people in different ways!



  1. Wow i have not seen you for a year but look at you So Gorgeous!

  2. I do comment comment much on blog but I am a loyal reader :)

    ... but I HAD to comment on this one. I am in love with the red/blue dress, this color looks AMAZING on you!



  3. My pre-wedding advice: start arm weights 6 mos. out. I did and I still totally love today seeing my arms in our wedding pics. And my husband still teases me about the many overhead tricep extensions I used to do while sitting on the couch and watching tv. 6 months will give you time to get more tone and defintion -- I don't think you need it, but given how most dresses are cut, and that you're self-conscious about your arms, the earlier you start arm weights, the better. I really couldn't see much of a diff in the photoshopped pics. Good luck doing limited carbs and sugar the 2 mos before the wedding, so many showers, tastings, luncheons, parties, etc., I was actually worried I'd gain! My weight stayed pretty much the same the entire 18 months we were engaged, subject to normal distance running cycle fluctuations.

  4. Yeah.. the arm thing is ridic -- and you said it right in that it was abnormal! You have nice arms and there was no need to go that far. I think it was more about your shoulder -- it was like they were trying to make the angle look better but once they moved the shoulder they had to do something with your arm. Unedited looked better, period. Anyways, overall, I don't want to be perfect but better and up until recently, I felt like I was getting better. But over the course of the last few days and some online pics, well, my confidence sorta got slayed. But I still don't want to be 'perfect'. I've never understood that want/need. Life would be SO boring if everyone was perfect. I feel like it's our 'imperfections' that make us unique and beautiful. I think it's why I can typically see beauty in almost anyone. Not always, but usually! Wish it was as easy to see it in myself!

  5. I truly, honestly, 100%-not-kidding think that your arms look way better in the unedited versions of the photos. In the edited ones, they're way too thin for my taste and look weak. Everybody's preferences are different. I just prefer limbs that look stronger instead of really "delicate" looking.

  6. Like Sue, I think you look fantastic in the unedited shots! You both look wonderful just the way you are!

  7. Awesome! It is good here. Thank you.


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