Monday, February 10, 2014

Unplanned blip in the weekend.

When I was reading a wedding planning book this past weekend (I have a large stack of them at home), one of the things that stuck with me was not to let the wedding planning consume me from now until the big day.

I think for the most part I've been doing a good job of not letting it take over my life. I actually want to enjoy the process and savor every minute.

I have to admit though the next few weeks feel a bit more hectic because I want to nail down the venue. The date we have in mind means that the venue has to be nailed down relatively soon so we don't miss out. I did feel more relaxed after Saturday though when we placed an unofficial hold on one venue after seeing two. We have a few more venues to look at before we make our final decision but it's good to know we have a really feasible option that we both love.

After seeing wedding venues Saturday morning, we had to rush to community service. We hadn't eaten for about 5 hours so all of us were hungry.

I had originally planned to eat lunch at two places before going to community service but driving to two places both resulted in seeing massive lines. Those were a no-go and since we needed to be at our service in less than 25 minutes, we ended up eating fast food.

I ate a "chicken sandwich" - I say that term loosely because it tasted like frozen, overly-processed crap. It was tough to swallow but I ate my sandwich and had four fries. We all had drinks with our meals but I have to say none of us had much of it. I swear I took 4 sips of my medium soda and tossed the rest away. Only in the US would a medium soda look like the monster-sized offered in Asia.

Whatever the case, we were at our service on time! We were volunteering at our local food bank and helping them sort their donations for 3 hours. It was a productive way to give back and it was a workout too - carrying boxes, lifting boxes, extending arms to put things in different packets....etc.

After service, we went grocery shopping and then went home for dinner. I made dinner in record time because we had leftovers. All I had to do was put away groceries and steam broccoli.

Delicious and just what I needed after a not-so-pleasant lunch.

Fast food lunch ended up being about $28 for the three of us. I can easily make a healthy and delicious meal for us with half the amount of that.

Let's hope we never have to compromise quality and taste for time again.

When's the last time you had fast food? Was it any good?

We have Subway from time to time especially right after we get back from a trip. It's an easy and healthier go-to! Then again, I recently saw the article about US Subways putting a chemical in their breads that's found in yoga mats ( Subway Bread is About to Change in a Drastic Way) but announcing recently that they will be removing that chemical.

This week is a new week and I plan on going out for a few runs this week. The weather looks great for that.

I've been doing a lot of core exercises and strength training the last week or so focusing on key areas like my arms, stomach and butt/thighs. I think those are my "problem" areas though the problem isn't as glaring as before.

Recently, I've picked up Pinterest again browsing things here and there but nothing really pinned yet. I plan on making new folders for wedding related stuff. Everything prior to this point was pinned several months ago (maybe even a year) so it was just pretty that caught my eye.

One thing that caught my eye yesterday was this...

so true right?

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Let's all kick butt this week :)


  1. I didn't feel like wedding planning took over my life, but I never particularly enjoyed it. There were a few parts that were cool (finding my dress and I loved picking invitations), but the rest I would have loved to have skipped. It just felt like a bunch of contract negotiation and a lot of details that didn't matter too much to me. Luckily, it worked out well somehow and I felt like it came together like a dream, but the process was never that much fun for me. Being at the wedding and being married was much more fun than getting there for me.

  2. I like that quote, Grace...hopefully you can relax soon when it comes to wedding planning! It's a very stressful time, but should also be a fun one too :)

  3. Fast food. Yeah, most of the burger places are pretty gross to me. But I will eat Subway (and I guess I'll eat yoga mats too, apparently!), and every now and then I feel the need to go on a Taco Bell mini-bender. Regarding wedding planning, it was hard for me to not get obsessed with it. At some point I had to tell myself, OK, you can work on it for an hour, and then you have to put it down and do something else. But it was still pretty fun, I have to admit. I hope you're having fun with it!

  4. That last true when you are engaged/going to get married! Everyone is going to want to know be careful! :)

  5. I'm weird on fast food. I just don't care for most of it, but some of it I LOVE. Like Taco Bell has re-made their menu so they have things like fresco tacos and real beans. I like that. I don't really do McD's except for the occasional coffee because their food tastes like wax. I LOVE Wendy's. Their new menu is fantastic. But that is really all of the fast food we eat. I haven't had any of the others that I can think of in forever. We don't even eat big chain pizza. We either buy a plain cheese and add our own toppings or we order from a local place that we know uses fresh stuff. If I'm going to pay good money, I'd rather sit down at a real restaurant. And a few of those have take away so we do that. But for the most part, fast food is like what you did -- emergency situation. Oh! You know, I do like CFA (Chick-fil-A). Their food is pretty good and fresh and you have good options. But still, not a thing we do often.


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