Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Just do it.

First things first, who else is like this in the morning?

I may be a morning person but nothing revs me up more than a good cup of coffee. I don't need my coffee to be black since I like my lattes with 1% but I skip on the sugar and cream. My cup of coffee is normally 65% coffee and 45% frothy milk. 

I finally went out for a run this morning. After a week off of running, it felt good to get back on the road. Honestly, I was reluctant to get on the road but after I was a few blocks away from my house, I had my headphones on and I got a good 4 mile run in.

I don't want to waste the great weather we've been having lately.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday. Thanks for the lovely comments last post :)

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  1. Oh... I am JEALOUS. The weather here has been bitter cold. No likey. I keep thinking about your last post with the not opening up thing. I'd say a good portion of that is true. But in a way, isn't that part of life to open yourself up to new people and new experiences? If you're always too worried about what someone else's intentions are, are you really experiencing life? I don't want someone in my business just to be nosey, but I'm a pretty open book. But I do have those moments where I just am to myself and I wonder if it hurts me in the long run. I'm a naturally social person, but there are times I just don't fully communicate what's on my heart and mind and I fear that it keeps people from truly getting to know me. Then in instances where I need something real, I don't know who those people really are simply because I've not taken that chance. So, I've been trying to take more chances even though sometimes, it feels like a kick in the teeth. Sorry to ramble... I think I said that right.


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