Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Back from the Big Apple!

I got back from NYC yesterday and immediately jumped on the scale to see the "damage" of my weekend getaway.

I'm -0.4 lbs from last week's official weigh-in!
Jason's down -1.8 lbs from last week's weigh-in.

I had a lot of fun seeing my sister (even though we just said good bye to each other 1/9...haha) and catching up with old friends. In general, all the restaurants/dessert spots/cafes were chosen by me minus a one spontaneous Korean meal in K-town Saturday night. No one was giving me feedback online so I typed up my own itinerary with potential restaurant options after doing research online through Yelp! and food-related online publications.

I'd like to say I indulged this weekend within reason! We also got a lot of walking done going from place to place climbing stairs and carrying heavy bags so I felt like we burnt off what we ate.

The weather was beautiful Friday which was perfect for my birthday. I got to enjoy the wonderful weather on a solo date with myself before my friends got off work or got in to NYC. The weather became a lot colder Saturday into the weekend with large snow flurries in the morning. It was cold for the remainder of my trip so I'd like to think staying alive also made my body burn extra calories.

Now that I'm back though, I'm eager to tackle my to-do list that had to be put on hold due to my brief trip to NYC. Since being back from Taipei, I've been non-stop trying to get things together but I like being productive.

I hurt my left hand when I was helping my friend weigh her suitcase so my left wrist is slightly sprained and it hurts to curl my hands into a ball (or write anything...). I'm pretty annoyed that this happened but I'll do stretching exercises to slowly get my hands to where they were before this trip so I can do some yoga.

The boys seemed to have been fine this weekend without me. Jason texted me throughout the weekend with updates about what they were doing as well as photos of the meals he cooked for my brother. I'm surprised but they only ate out once when I was gone (wings..if anyone is wondering). Other than that, he made meals for the two of them! I did leave a giant breakfast casserole with sausage, broccoli, spinach, cheese, tomato, eggs, and herbs. Jason's been eating that for breakfast along with his morning cup of coffee. My brother ate it a few times but also ate some cereal.

I don't have any major travel plans in the coming months that are planned at this moment. There are a few things that are on our calendar but nothing we've booked yet. For now, I'm eager to stay put in Tampa to get things done. Travel always throws my rhythm off for a few days.

I leave this post with a couple photos of my trip in NYC.

Walking around Time Square on my way to my friend's apartment

Dark Chocolate Fondue at Ayza Chocolate and Wine

Sisters <3

Brunch at Prune with post-meal licorice 
(that no one touched but liked looking at?)

Buying necessary Chinese New Year accessories for all our respective households.
I got a bunch to bring back to Florida for the upcoming New Year next week!

Karaoke for a few hours and I promise I wasn't a mic-hog

Bubble Tea at Cha Chan Tang

Desserts and Tea at Cha An (Japanese Tea Room)

Dinner with friends at Coppelia (24-hr Cuban Diner)
I promise those seats were filled about 15 minutes later haha!

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  1. You are quite the organiser! you make me tired reading how organised you are! You need to be one of those "Devil Made Prada" type PR girls for someone rich and famous!


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