Wednesday, December 18, 2013

NYC Trip (Happy Birthday Jason) Part 2

Late August, my brother, boyfriend and I went back up to NYC for a long weekend to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday! It was also the first PSU football game of the year (Syracuse v. PSU) at MetLife Stadium right outside of NYC in Jersey.

This is a recap (part 2) of our trip.

On Friday, we woke up bright and early to get a start on our day. I should say I woke up early and the boys lounged around for a while before they summoned up the energy to get dressed.

This is how I found a literal dog pile.

My brother has such a bond with Jason that's irreplaceable. I'm in awe that they only met a little over three years ago when my brother 11 and since then, he seems to really love Jason. I have seen more often than I can count my brother hugging my boyfriend for no reason at all (like an octopus). Jason will shove him away and go "get away from me!" but it only makes my brother more clingy.

After we got dressed, we headed toward the lower east side to try to get breakfast at Clinton St. Baking Company. It's an incredibly popular breakfast/brunch spot on Clinton St. When we approached, the line was a good block long so we opted for my 2nd choice. 

Don't worry though.... we went back that Sunday to stand in line and wait patiently to try their famous pancakes.

We ended up eating at the Cornerstone Cafe. I had bookmarked this place on Yelp (read reviews here) because of all the good reviews (most of them starting with..."we didn't want to wait two hours at Clinton St..."). 

The cafe had fair prices and standard breakfast foods. I liked it but probably wouldn't go out of my way to eat there. The plus was that there was no wait.

I ordered the Banana Walnut Pancakes.
The boys both ordered pick-your-two-toppings omelettes along with mixed greens and home fries.

Once we had food in our bellies, it was off to the Museum of Natural History. My boyfriend hadn't been to the museum since high school and my brother loves seeing the exhibits.

Cute tile mosaic right outside the subway stop!

I love sight-seeing after eating because I get to work off some of what I ate. After a good 3 hours of walking around, the boys were hungry again so I quickly used my phone to locate an area where food trucks assembled during the weekday lunch rush.

We ended up heading to midtown to try out three food trucks..
Bian Dang (Taiwanese bento-style lunchboxes)
Neapolitan Pizza (pizza made right in the truck with cool custom ovens)
Uncle Gussy's (Greek food on wheels!)

Click on image to enlarge

Our favorite was definitely Uncle Gussy's! It was so neat sitting outside in fantastic weather. Super relaxing setting where attire ranges from the power suits to casual-ware.

Afterwards, we hopped on the subway to head to union square to check-out their outdoor green market as well as pick up a few things at Whole Foods. I planned on making a birthday breakfast Saturday morning for everyone before my boyfriend heads to the alumni tailgate before kickoff.

The boys were thirsty so we bought Kelvin's Natural Slush from the upstairs cafe in Whole Foods. 
I love this Whole Foods location since it's in a prime location and has plenty of upstairs seating for people who need a place to enjoy their lunch they bought downstairs.

My brother had a mango slush

Afterwards, it was time to get back to the apartment to put my groceries away and rest for a few hours before my boyfriend's birthday dinner in Soho.

My boyfriend had known about his birthday dinner for a while but he didn't know which restaurant. 

He couldn't be vaguer when he told me, "Surprise me."

Thankfully with the help of Yelp! and my sister..I narrowed down my choices to a few places.

Ultimately, the restaurant I chose was Kittichai because of a few factors
* Yummy food
* Allowed group reservations
* Beautiful airy space (sexy, intimate)
* Handcrafted cocktails
* Good reviews
* I know my boyfriend

The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the 60 Thompson Hotel in Soho.

My sister had been to the restaurant a few years ago for someone's birthday and she sang the restaurant's praises so I had full confidence in my choice.

The minute we approached the space..I knew I had nailed ambiance.

Outdoor seating area right outside the restaurant.

Sibling shot near the bar at the front of the restaurant

Joining us were some of Jason's family. It's been an experience seeing how our two sides of the family have interacted (so far so good...)

We were seated in an intimate area with a semi-private wooden divider creating a sense of intimacy.

I look very absorbed in the conversation..

We ordered a variety of dishes. I got to try a bit of everything my siblings ordered. 

Here are just some photos of the food that night.

click on image to enlarge

click on image to enlarge

Service was fantastic and prompt.

My brother ordered the Thai Iced tea and it was brought to him deconstructed. 

He had fun playing mixologist that night.

I should mention my brother was slightly pouty that night because I had seated Jason at the head of the table flanked by his cousins he hadn't seen in a long time. My brother felt neglected the whole night by Jason even though his two BLOOD kin was right next to him.

I have joked in the past that if Jason and I break up, Jason gets custody of my brother. 

Whatever the case, it was a fantastic (fun-filled) day in NYC and we couldn't wait for Saturday for PSU's first game of the year!

Until next time.....

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  1. Haha, too funny about custody of your brother! That's awesome that they get along so well. One of my favorite parts of our wedding was when one of my brothers did a toast at the rehearsal that was about their relationship with my now husband. Melted my heart (and made me laugh hysterically!).

  2. Wow I did not see your boyfriend at first in that top picture! Looks like a good time was had by all - even if you brother didn't get to be right next to your boyfriend :)


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