Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Final countdown!

2012 really feels like it's flying by. When I was little, I couldn't wait to grow up! Nowadays, I would love it if there was a pause button.

5 days until I head to NYC. 3 more days of school left for my brother.

There is much to get done before then but above all, priority one is to spend as much time with the boyfriend until we are both sick of each other and need time apart (just kidding about the second part....sort of).

In terms of my overall fitness and weight-loss goals, I've been doing so-so. Exercise isn't the issue. My issue recently has been portion control. I try to treat every day like a new day and keep myself occupied.

When I was just starting out, the small changes really made a huge difference. I cut out sugary drinks and increased my water/tea intake. I ate smaller portions and stopped eating out. I aimed for light exercise daily. I stopped buying junk food in the house. They were all manageable things that I could tackle. The results were seen weekly on the scale.

Nowadays, I see the magazine articles that promise 5-10 lb losses just by doing some simple things. I read the article and realize they don't apply to me. The changes they list I've already incorporated into my life.

I love the examples they give where they talk about how if you cut one thing out of your daily life, you can lose x amount of weight in a year. What if I don't have that one thing to cut in the first place? The tips normally only apply to those starting out, those with a lot of weight to lose, those who lead sedentary lifestyles and so on. They normally don't apply to me.

That being said, it's a good reminder of things I should continue doing since it has kept the weight off at least. This is the longest I've ever managed to maintain weight-loss and not yo-yo between extremes. Nowadays, my weight waivers between a smaller difference. When my jeans feel tighter, I crack down on portion sizes and carb intake.

Saw a turtle on my 5.5 mile run yesterday.
I've been seeing a lot of critters lately! 
I think the cooler weather is luring them out of hiding!

Exercise today will mostly be indoors because of the rainy forecast. 

My boyfriend joined a company weight-loss competition where the winner with the most % weight lost wins an iPad. He has yet to tell me the deadline because he didn't read the details (how typical) but he's motivated to try to shed some weight when I'm gone. He's competitive so I hope this serves as the motivation he needs to stay focused. I love him the way he is but I want him to be healthy so we can spend a lifetime together.


  1. Have a great trip! I hope that you BF wins that iPad you can be his weigh loss coach.

    Take Care!

  2. Those lose 5 pounds now articles I avoid. I too incorp[erate everything in them and I think people want quick fixes, little do they know its a JOURNEY.

  3. Yeah, at some point all the "Do this and live healthily ever after" seem to not work anymore. Which, of course, is bull - after all, we keep the pounds off, right? But I am at a loss, too, as to how to continue losing without actually starving myself. Well...


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