Friday, May 11, 2012

Trade Offs

Since I've been on this journey, my chest size has decreased from a C cup to an A cup. Unfortunately, I've learned first-hand that you can't pick and choose where you want to lose weight. In a perfect world, I would have an hour glass figure and my problem areas would be gone.

I'm made do with accepting my body and learning to love my new body. There are definitely days where I feel insecure but the good days definitely outnumber the bad days.

I used to not like my wide hips and thunder thighs. I realize now that I actually like having a butt. The important thing is learning how to dress for my shape.

I can't emphasize how important it is to TRY ON CLOTHES when you go shopping. Take pictures with your smartphone and see how it translates on camera. I can't tell you the number of times I used to grab something only to realize the article of clothing either didn't fight correctly or didn't look good on me. Do not take it personally when a certain trend doesn't work on you! There are plenty of other options out there. You just have to try new things and step out of your comfort level a bit.

I headed to Target yesterday to pick up a few things. I saw some fitted workout pants that were on sale. I've been looking for long pants because I'm starting to get an ugly tan-line on my legs where my shorts meet my thigh.

I immediately grabbed the Short M's only to find out in the dressing room that they were too big. I was amazed because I'm so used to having a wide bottom that I couldn't believe I could fit into an S. I grabbed a Size S and proceeded to the dressing room.

They fit!

I tried them out this morning during my 7.0 mile run! They were perfect giving me support without being uncomfortable.

Please ignore the sweat marks....I just came home from my run.

My thunder thighs and wide hips used to be the bane of my existence. I've grown to accept them and love the fact that I work-out harder and faster because my lower half gives me such good support.

Yes, my boobs are smaller but what I've gained is so much more important than that!


  1. I'm praying my boobs are half the size they are now when I reach a weight I'm happy with :) Great job on getting into a Small!!

  2. Great advice! The trade offs are definitely worth it.

  3. Yeah, my boobs have shrunk by half a cup as well, I don't worry, as long as they match the rest of my body. ^^

  4. Girl, you DO NOT have thunder thighs! I know you have accepted your thighs, but please stop calling your thighs names ;) When I was smaller my boobs were an A cup too! I can't wait to be back to an A cup!! However weird it sounds lol - Love the new running pants, they look great on you!!

  5. You look amazing! I read your blog every day and you give me so much inspiration that I really CAN do this!

  6. Congrats on the NSV! Fitting into a smaller size always feels amazing.

    I lose weight from my two favorite body parts first: my boobs and my booty.

    You look great!

  7. I wouldn't mind my boobs going from a C to an A as long as they were perky haha. My boobs are kind of saggy with no bra least that's what I think lol.

    Also you look GREAT! Keep it up!

  8. That's awesome!! It's always fantastic when you realize you get to go smaller. Congrats! Cute pants, by the way. They look super comfy!

  9. You look great!

    Yeah... I've lost a couple sizes in my boobies too. But if having smaller boobs means being healthier, and being able to someday wear skinny jeans and horizontal stripes, then I guess it's worth it ;)

  10. Yep the boobs seem to be the first thing to go, I lost a cup size with my first 100lbs. It's always a treat to find out that you can wear a smaller size! Great NSV!

  11. It's interesting how things we hate about our bodies can be very attractive to an opposite sex! I've always hated my butt very much and than I accidentally overheard my boyfriend telling my friend that he really LOVES it! :)

    Well, that was before I've gained the 43 pounds I'm trying to loose now. So I guess he doesn't really love my butt it anymore, but my boobs got bigger too when I gained weight and he absolutely LOVES THEM now! :)

    I'm sure they will get smaller when I'll loose the weight, but I hope that my butt will too, so there will always be something about my body he will really LOVE, no matter if I'll gain or loose weight! LOL :)


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