Sunday, May 6, 2012

Taking a cooking break....

...but just for the day!

Even I need a break from extreme cooking now and then and I feel like I've been standing in the kitchen the majority of the weekend starting Friday night. I'll still be making homemade meals today but it'll consist of pseudo-cooking like re-vamping leftovers, assembling sandwiches and salads. I might push myself and steam vegetables (maybe).

Friday Dinner - Pork and Fish Tacos!

Saturday Lunch - Pulled Pork Carnitas with Cilantro Lime Rice and Beans
Bean Dip, Guacamole, Steamed Corn, Salsa and Chips

Saturday Dinner - Chicken Mole Enchiladas, Spicy Mole Wings
Bean Dip, Cilantro Lime Rice and Beans, Extra Mole Sauce with Chips

The two desserts I made were
Homemade Churros
(oh so delicious...)

Strawberry Margarita Granita (Shaved Ice)

Close-ups of some of the dishes this weekend...

Chicken Mole Enchilada 
(homemade mole sauce with chocolate)

Mole Baked Wings

Citrus Cilantro Rice and Beans

Bean and Corn Dip

I felt like I overindulged on carbs this weekend so I've done a lot of cardio in the morning. I ran 4.8 miles yesterday and 7 miles this morning. I also practiced golf for about 2 hours this weekend and my upper body is sore (always a good sign!)

It's all about checks and balances!

P.S. The Avengers was a GREAT movie. I was absolutely glued to the screen the entire 2hr22 minutes. It was a great combination of action, great acting and humor. I love funny action movies yet there was dramatic moments where I felt anxious too. Another bonus is I'd date all the superheroes...yes even Black Widow..They all have such cute butts.....


  1. Mmmm! Your food looks better than the place we went to for dinner! Maybe next year we should all just load up and come to your place! LOL But seriously, where do you get these dishes? They always look so yummy and sound so healthy!

  2. Wow... I wish I was there so I can eat all that delicious food.

  3. You cook like your a chef!!! I love all your dishes but I understand a break..that strawberry granita makes me SMILE!
    Everything looks good.....Don't take too long of a break :-)

  4. Your kitchen looked just like my kitchen! Great job; looks delish!



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