Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sibling love!

My sister sent my parents and me this animated picture this morning. This was from our trip to Disney's Typhoon Lagoon last October! 

Doesn't it just scream VACATION?! 

Sadly, the three of us won't be together this Memorial Day weekend. We'll be having fun separately. She'll be traveling to Boston with friends to do sight-seeing and foodie things. My boyfriend, brother and I will be venturing to Disney World for three days trying to take advantage of our annual passes before it expires late August.

My brother made a list of all the rides he hasn't been on in the four parks. My boyfriend challenged him this year to do every ride 1x this year. Our primary goal this weekend will be to get the majority of that list done!

I'm happy our hotel will have a refrigerator because I plan on stocking it with water, breakfast foods and snacks. It also has a microwave so it'll be super convenient! 

I can't skip breakfast so it'll be important for me to start every day with a filling breakfast with a good combination of fats, carbs and protein! Hydration is also key so I'll be buying large bottles of water in the hotel room to be filled up in our portable water bottles.

Planning is key!

What are your Memorial Day plans? 


  1. FUN! You know that the only Disney I have been to is Tokyo Disney and I was 23? That is the one regret I have that my parents never took us.

    I am sure that you are going to have a great time.

  2. I love that animated picture! How cool is that? I need to figure out how to do that. Speaking of Disney, I am planning on taking my boys there in the fall. I can't wait!!


  3. Oh my goodness! How fun! This picture is soooo cool! It's making me yearn for summer vacay even more.

  4. I love the movement in the photo! So fun

  5. Enjoy your weekend. Great idea to have a room with a fridge/microwave. I find it gets old to have to eat every meal out.

  6. Wish I lived close enough to Disney to have a season pass :) lucky duck :) Hope you guys have a great time.

  7. Hi Grace,
    Since I have started reading your blog I am just falling love with you...and being an Indian I love it that you have an Indian boyfriend.(So I also get a lot of Indian versions of healthy food blogged by you) Not meaning to pry but sometime do tell us the story of how you both met and decided to stay together. There is nothing more cute than a sucessfull love story.....

  8. That animated picture is awesome!!

  9. oooh have a fun memorial day!


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