Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I pushed myself yesterday in terms of exercise wanting to kick-off the month on a strong foot. I managed to do some pilates followed by going for a  4.8 mile run in the morning. In the early evening, I managed to pop in my P90X Plyometrics tape and finished it strong. To finish off the night, I did some weighted hula hooping while watching the TV.

Surprisingly, I'm not too sore this morning but I know I'm going to give my lower half a rest today. I went for a 4 mile power walk this morning while I listened to music. I tried jogging for a little but it quickly became clear today was a rest day.

I do plan on working on my upper body, doing some yoga and popping P90X Ab Ripper X today.

My boyfriend has been very supportive of my dedication to healthy living. Over the years, he's seen my weight yo-yo and we've both lead a very sedentary lifestyle. We were too complacent and I gained what I would like to call "love weight."

I know there are actual studies done where couples gain weight once they settle down. I think this phenomenon is very real. In the beginning of the relationship, we'd go out on dates which ended up being a lot of eating out, drinking and socializing. Our habits started to influence each other and we both gained a significant amount of weight (I gained more than he did). I don't know why but I would eat the same amount my boyfriend ate KNOWING he's taller and more muscular than I am which means he has a higher BMR (basal metabolic rate).

I knew I was gaining weight but since I was in a loving relationship, I didn't think it mattered. Our relationship became an excuse for me not to care about my physical appearance.

Nowadays, our habits influence each other in a good way. I do 100% of the food preparation and he loves everything I cook. I encourage him to drink his water and exercise consistently during the week. He's not as diligent as I am but he is losing weight slowly but surely! I refuse to be a food police or a drill sergeant so I encourage in a positive way.

I want us to live a long and healthy life together!

Confession of the day....

I have a habit of taking photos of myself on my cell to keep myself in check. If you go through my cell, you will see a bunch of shots both full-body and face shots. 99% of them never see the light of day but it's almost a habit I have when I go out.
Taken last Friday night....
in a woman's bathroom (I know it's so silly!)

Do you have any weird habits to confess?


  1. Great way to kick of a new month! I believe in love weight too, and somehow managed to keep up with my hubby even though I'm only 5 1'! It's great that your BF is supportive. My hubby is most of the time but he struggles too.

    Werid habit? I like to make my meals look pretty on nice dishes and nice and clean looking. I don't like all my food overlapping each other (unless it's supposed to). I do this even when I'm not taking pictures. I just like to make my meals look appealing. My hubby thinks I'm weird! He just piles he's plate any which way!

  2. I set up the video camera sometimes and record myself walking around, dancing, or posing to get a good look at what everyone else is seeing. It's a great motivator at times!

  3. Girl, you exercise a LOT! If I spent as much time exercising as you do (morning and evening sessions? Hot damn.) then I would definitely look as good as you do, too! I'll try to keep your serious dedication in mind the next time I'm complaining about my twice a week cardio session, haha.

  4. I take TONS of pics of myself and wonder is that me? STILL!!! LOL you are not alone and this post hit home!

  5. Taking photos is a great way to keep in check! You look great!

  6. Great pictures of you, you are beautiful!!! Glad you and bf are living a healthy life :) I know with Mike and I we tend to flow both ways with being each other's eating buddy and also health buddy, it thankfully balances out :)

  7. Hi Grace. Wow...your workouts are fantastic. Glad you gave yourself a rest too. I LOVE that you and your boyfriend are on the same journey to health. Strength in numbers!!! Have a great Wednesday.

  8. To be honest it's been recently I've started to take photo's of myself again because I feel confident enough too. :) I think it's great you have a loving boyfriend who supports you and is on his own little journey too!

  9. Grace - great workout. Can I ask how many times a week you run? Running on consecutive days can lead to injury - especially if running the distances you are running! I know I am far from being a seasoned runner but I have suffered a running injury and know that they are not fun! Listening to your body is the most important thing and it sounds like you are doing this by taking a lower body rest day. A full rest day wouldn't lead you to a sedentary life however and should be taken once in a while ;)

  10. You are adorable!

    I know what you mean about love weight. My boyfriend is tall and has always been on the slim side (6'1, 145 lbs) and just naturally doesn't eat a whole lot (by a whole lot I mean, as much as I was or other guys I knew). He's very normal about food, eats 3 meals a day, doesn't care what they are, doesn't think about food once he's done eating it.

  11. I have a ton of weird habits and also obviously constantly take pictures of myself. Maybe it's a blogger's prerogative? Or just an annoying thing that too many bloggers do? Oh well, the world can just look away. You look great!

  12. I like ur glasses :) hahaha

    But anyway, I was wondering, how many hours does it take you to run all of those miles on your daily exercise? O_O?

  13. Love weight certainly does happen. My husband and I gained a lot of weight together. Then yo-yoed. Then finally I lost a lot of weight by changing my lifestyle and it rubbed off on my hubby and he lost as well.

    I have a billion weird habits. LOL

  14. You two are such a cute couple! Good for you for kicking off the month right!

  15. You guys are a very cute couple!!

    So glad you having a great month so far!! Keep it up and stay focused!!!

  16. Oh yeah, LOVE weight is real and kickin'! I think a large percentage of people go through that, but especially foodies. I would consider my hubby and myself foodies and we both gained weight for various reasons. But now we are both focusing on getting it off and being healthy. It's awesome you two can support each other that way!

    Not sure what all my weird habits would include, but I do know that one is how I weigh and when. I like to weigh at the same time in the same place and all that. I'm not that into pics yet, but I'm getting better!

  17. I think you're turning into a bit of a workout junky - what a lovely addiction to have! And I hear you about couples influencing each other's habits for better or worse, that has been the story of my marriage, too, and fortunately things are on the better, healthier side. I still have to resist the temptation to eat the same as my bigger, more active husband, but most days I do fine.

    Weird habits... Hmm... Does refusing to work out if anyone can see me, count as a habit? I hate people seeing me exert myself and sweat, so I plan it when nobody is around!

  18. Weird habits? Sure! We all have them! :)
    I take pictures of myself sometimes than pick the one I really hate. Than I use photoshop and edit the picture to make myself to look the way I wanna look. I put them side by side. The original and the edited one and use is as a visual motivational tool!


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