Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Being Practical

My boyfriend is one of the most practical people in the world. He gives me a sense of security which is important to me.

On the flip side, romance is something that I've realized not to expect from him. It's nice when he does surprise me though.

When he was unpacking yesterday, he handed me something he bought for me. It was still in its original packaging, no frills and no card of affirmations.

He bought me an armband to hold my iPhone while I ran.

I've been saying I needed one for ages. I've been holding my phone in my Coach wristlet along with my keys this whole time. It's not really that hard to hold it while running so I haven't been motivated to go out and buy the armband.

He told me his brother needed to buy one and the only one they had was in pink so he picked it up for me instead. Practical, no?

I tested it out today on my 6.2 mile run. It works pretty well but I'm still getting used to having something strapped to my arm.

The weather was super humid today so I was DRENCHED when I came home. I can't wait until it finally RAINS this week. We need it!

It's nice to finally have my boyfriend home. The house feels incomplete without him.

I'm much more verbal about my affections than he is. He normally grunts a reply or says "me too," which is fine by me.

My mom told me from an early age that actions speak louder than words. When it truly matters, he says the things that I need to hear the most. 


  1. Sue (Yummy Mummy)May 15, 2012 at 12:54 PM

    Very practical indeed! I agree with your mom about actions speaking louder than words. It's nice to hear the words too, but only if they are from the heart. I've been married for almost 5 years and I'm STILL learning that you can't make a man act they way you want him to. So you're wise to accept your boyfriend for the person he is and appreciate all of the wonderful ways that he loves and supports you. I am still learning that people show their love in different ways and that there's no "right" way to do it.

  2. There is a book. It is called, 'The 5 Love Languages.' There is a silly little quiz even and once you do the quiz, you may see that you and your beloved have a different way of communicating. My husband is the type that, he shows his love by buying things. As where I would rather he helped out and cleaned the dang kitchen! LOL! We just don't see the others love as much because we show it differently. But Sue said it best,

    "you're wise to accept your boyfriend for the person he is and appreciate all of the wonderful ways that he loves and supports you"

    You know he loves you, you know he supports you, he just... speaks a different language. :)

    And girl you look amazing!!!

  3. that's just too cute. My hubby is the same way lol I remembered he gave me 4 set of tires for valentines day. Quite honestly tires are so much better than flowers, for one they last longer LOL..

    he's a keeper. trust me :)

  4. Aww, very sweet of him! It's the little things that matter for sure! :)

  5. Its those little things...I love my belkin ipod/iphone arm holder! Saves me the worry of dropping my babies! lol

  6. How sweet! I think actions are more important than words - this is the perfect example!

  7. How sweet :)

    The book Trisha mentioned (5 love languages) is amazing! it like, changed my life. It's not only great to know your spouses love language, but it also helps with your relationship with friends :)

  8. My hubby isn't a romantic man either but every now and again he will surprise me and it is so nice....he generally buys me practical gifts which is just great with me I prefer practical gifts........

  9. hahah such a "boy" gift!

    When I first started dating my boyfriend, he was very romantic. But after I went across the world for 6.5 months, he kind of lost a bit of it :(

  10. I admit that over time I have become way more pragmatic than romantic. I'm pretty cheap. My husband got me flowers the other day and I was thinking "what a waste of money." Poor guy:)


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