Saturday, April 28, 2012

Had one drink and I survived!

After my NYC trip in March, I wondered to myself why I don't go out with my boyfriend more. When we go out to bars or clubs, I'm always the one who sips my diet soda while others around me drink. I've never been a huge drinker so I've never had problems eliminating alcohol from my diet when I was getting healthy.

I know I'm always going to prefer having dessert than having a drink. Alcohol just doesn't taste that great to me. The only things I like are the sugary watered down drinks so why bother?

That being said, I love dancing and enjoying good music. My favorite thing is when the music is great at a venue  and there's a dance floor. I figure it's a fun way to burn some calories!

I have a secret confession to make... when I'm alone in the house, I listen to the music and I dance to it. Hopefully there are no Peeping Toms in my neighborhood because I'd be mortified if I was caught. I don't even think my boyfriend has seen me do this.

Last night, we ventured to a new venue to meet up with one of my boyfriend's friends from college. He relocated because of job late last year and just found out they're both in the city. It's such a small world right?

The bar we went to was called Blue Martini which had a live band and specialty martinis. My first drink was a diet soda while my boyfriend enjoyed his mojito.

Before Happy Hour ended, they encouraged me to order something since it was half off. I looked through the list and I immediately zoomed in on a drink called...

My Skinny Bitch Martini

The Skinny Bitch - Van Gogh Blue Vodka, Tropicana 50 Blueberry / Pomegranate Juice, and Blueberry Pur̩e РUnder 250 Calories

My boyfriend's friend laughed at my choice. Let me just say there's a reason why it's under 250 calories. There was absolutely no sugar in the drink. It felt like liquor in a glass tinted with blueberry color. I hated it but my boyfriend loved it. He drank my skinny bitch and I sipped on a glass of white wine.

Afterwards, we danced to a few of the songs being sung by the live band. The music was okay and definitely targeting an older crowd.

Sitting in the outdoor patio and people watching!

One of the things I've noticed since losing weight is that I get approached by random men a lot more than I used to. It could be how I carry myself or the fact that I actually go out now but I do know I get a lot more unwanted male attention nowadays than before.

It makes me uncomfortable when guys approach me. I just smile and say thank you if I'm complimented. I return a greeting if someone says hello. After I reply, I beeline for the group I'm with or my boyfriend just to feel safe. I don't completely ignore them because that's just plain rude. 

My boyfriend doesn't feel overprotective or jealous at all. He actually gets a kick when he sees guys approach me and just lets me handle it. I'm sure if I was threatened, he would be quick to intervene (hopefully). 

I can't help but feel disdain for guys who only show me the time of day now. Do they honestly think I would ever give them a chance? 

I guess I still am dealing with certain issues and have a chip on my shoulders. 

I still remember walking home from class in college and a group of guys hollering out of their car as they drove by, "FAT ASS." 

I also remember feeling invisible when I went out with my group of girlfriends. I was the wing woman. I was the sober one who helped people home. I was the one who played the "mother" role. Who can blame me for avoiding the social scene for years?  

I don't think I could ever forget those insults but I do know it's great fuel for me when I'm on my run. I definitely use both positive energy and negative energy to fuel my workouts.

This morning I got a 6.2 mile run in before the boys woke up. 

I'm off to enjoy the rest of the weekend and you should be too!


  1. I love that you use the hurtful comments to fuel your runs! That's kind of like f-u with every stride! You are amazing :)

  2. I think having been overweight (in my case, VERY overweight) in the past definitely gives you a different perspective on things. I think I am more empathetic and hopefully less judgmental than many people that I know who have never dealt with weight issues. Good for you!

  3. Im so with Caroline! Im proud of you love! You look fab!

  4. Grace I adore you, I am trying to follow your diet! xx

  5. I don't drink either. On the rare occasion that I do go to a bar or to happy hour, I make my lone Ameretto Sour last me all night. It's sweet, it's girly, it's not too strong, and I can always buy a glass or a bottle of water at the bar.

  6. I have a bad issue when it come drinking wine or any alcohol since I got experience so bad. drink occasionally is pretty good. I love reading your post especially diet and food... have a good day

  7. You looked AWESOME! I think it is both confidence and your looks that get you approached more, now, but I hear you 100% on it making you a little uncomfortable. Since I'm married with kids, it makes me double so given the impropriety of them propositioning someone 'taken'. When the guys are a gentleman about it and keep their comments above board I don't mind so much, but alone and in a bar setting I'd freak out. It is honestly one of the reasons I have a concealed carry permit - four legged predators here in Alaska AND the two legged ones!


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