Friday, March 30, 2012

Bright and Early

I'm happy to report today my urge to binge is starting to wane. It's been something I've battled with all week. There are probably many reasons for this sudden craving. One of the reasons might have been because of my sugar overload last weekend when I had company over.

My body was craving that sugar high. Saturday night, I had a few too many homemade chocolate chip oat cookies. Sunday night, I had one large cupcake from the grocery store.

This time the binge monster did not win! I've baked fresh cookies all week for my brother's school lunch and I didn't eat a single cookie. I've had three jumbo cupcakes sitting in the fridge all week and I didn't touch them. I didn't crave them but I craved something.

I've been waking up really early ever morning before the alarm clock. I look forward to making breakfast for the family, putting dishes away, tidying up the living room and packing my brother's lunch at school.

Here are few things I packed for him this week.

Beef Korean Rice with an over-easy Egg
Apples, Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies

Cheesy Vegetarian Chili with Chips
Apples and Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies

Whole Wheat Spinach BBQ Chicken Calzone
Apples, Chocolate Chip Oat Cookie

Whole Wheat Pepperoni Calzone 
Apples, Chocolate Chip Oat Cookie

He eats a lot more greens in the morning and dinner. I do try to keep it wholesome and fun to eat.

He gushed about this breakfast dish I made for him this week: a fritatta with left over baked ziti.

This dish was super easy and could be made with anything you have on hand. I happened to have some leftover ziti from entertaining guests last weekend. I started the dish on the stove with the pasta covered with three beaten eggs on medium heat. I finished the dish off in the oven with the broiler at 375 degrees. It was finished in a matter of minutes! 

He loved it so I made it for two days straight. 

I always feel so much joy when he beams at me and goes "MmmmmMmmmMM."


  1. I love looking at what you pack your brother for lunch -- it gives me inspiration for what to pack for my own boring corporate lunch!

  2. Thats look so good. I haven't try doing that for my daughter. she can pick food at school canteen maybe when she is in first grade.. Really nice tips from you.... helps a lot and Your so sweet big sister...

  3. You are a really good sister. You should be proud of yourself for taking such good care of your brother :-)

  4. It is awesome that you cook for your brother like that. He is really lucky to have somebody so mindful of how to balance healthy and tasty food.

  5. Will you come cook for me please! I try to eat healthy but it never pans out. Keep up the great work!


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