Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hair Story

I've had basically the same hairstyle since college. Long hair with layers and highlights. It's a style that I've grown comfortable with but I wonder if I should change it up.

I have basically two options before me.
1.) Different cut
2.) Different coloring
..or a mix of both (ok so there's three options)

Here's some pix of my hair from the last year in order.

I'm leaning towards different coloring because I miss my bright highlights from the beginning of the year. I still get highlights every other month but I think my colorist must be playing it safe recently. 

How long have you guys gone with the same hairstyle?

Two celebrity hairstyles that I would try are.....

Shoulder-length Bob or Dramatic Bangs

If you could trade hair with anyone in the world who would it be?


  1. I absolutely LOVE your hair how it is--it's like the perfect length. I don't think you should cut it, but some more highlights would be fun to play around with.

    If I could trade hair with anyone, it would be Zooey Deschanel. I love her bangs, I love her layers, I love the straightness! My hair is all curly and wonky.

  2. I have to say, I love you with your jet black hair, very striking look for you.

    I'd love to trade hair with Katy Perry, she can pull off any cut, color AND style!!


  3. I love to change and I try and change up my hair whenever I can. Sometimes I add extensions or other pieces, if I feel that I want a quick change.
    I wish I had hair like Teyana Taylor.

  4. Your hair is gorgeous the way it is!


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